COVID-19 Trends 04/30/2020

I live in Texas, so all of what follows will have a markedly United States and Texas lens, so know that going in. All data is pulled from Johns Hopkins and the COVID Tracking Project and re-visualized on my site.

  1. World — 3,256,755 cases (+64,943 today), 233,380 deaths (+5,750 today). It was a worldwide high for deaths. The 14 day average is so flat. Just about 80k cases every day for the past several weeks.

2. Countries per 1M — The US is 17th on Testing per 1M people, testing 1.88% of the population, below Canada and ahead of Belgium. We are 7th in Cases per 1M people at 3,230, with a 17.15% positive rate, just below Italy and ahead of France. And finally, the US is 10th in Deaths per 1M people at 190.32, with a 5.89% mortality rate, just below Switzerland and ahead of Portugal.

3. US — 1,069,258 cases (+29,515 today), 62,991 deaths (+2,029 today). We have tested 6,233,338 (+202,580 today). I remember hearing it was going to be 60,000 deaths by August. We finished April over 60k and have had three full weeks of 1,800+ deaths per day.

4. US Cases by Day — This chart shows the daily cases by day of the week since 3/2, with each week having its own “wave”. Today was the 4th highest Thursday case total. One person’s opinion, but things really started shutting down the week of 3/16, the yellow line on the chart. Yeah, one way down toward the bottom. Is now the time to re-open?

5. States per 100k — Texas is in 48th on Testing per 100k people, with 1,085 tests per 100k. We are 42nd in Cases per 100k at 99.0, with a 9.13% positive rate, behind North Carolina and ahead of Wyoming. Texas is 41st in Deaths per 100k people at 2.80, with a 2.83% mortality rate, behind Tennessee and ahead of North Dakota. I know it makes it a bit of an eye chart, but all states are on the chart so you can see the scale of where Texas lands.

6. Texas — 28,727 cases (+1,470 today), 812 deaths (+58 today), 314,790 tests (shows as none today, which seems odd). We are averaging 846 new cases every day over the past 14 days. And, as Texas prepares to “open”, we have set new highs for both daily cases and daily deaths. I think the virus is really excited for what is to come.

7. TX Cases by Day — This chart shows the daily cases in Texas by day of the week since 3/2, with each week having its own “wave”. Today was the highest Thursday case total. One person’s opinion, but the Governor issued his order on 3/27, the green line on the chart. Are we back close to even that level yet? Nope. Nervous about opening Texas yet?

8. Texas Counties — Top 5 on cases are Harris (6,356), Dallas (3,531), Tarrant (2,246), Travis (1,654), and Bexar (1,374). 35 counties have 100+ cases, 116 have 10+, and 211 have at least 1 case. 17 counties have lost 10+ Texans, 90 have lost at least 1. The map looks like a really bad case of the chicken pox because the virus doesn’t really care about labels like county lines. It’s just looking for hosts. It will go anywhere, anytime it gets a chance.

9. TX Counties per 10k — Top 5 on Cases per 10k residents are Moore, Donley, Sherman, Panola, and Potter. The virus is all over the state, not just the big counties.

And here are just the numbers for Texas, no graphs.

I’ll keep updating things daily. I believe people need to see the numbers at all levels to really understand things. Hopefully a few of you out there find this useful. Please feel free to grab screenshots from here or the actual dashboards and share them anywhere you can.

Thanks for reading all the way to the bottom.

Stay in if you can. Stay safe.

Mobile friendly version of the dashboards is here:

Regular version (where I pull all of these screenshots from) is here:

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