COVID-19 Trends 05/26/2020

I live in Texas, so all of what follows will have a markedly United States and Texas lens, so know that going in. All data is pulled from Johns Hopkins and the COVID Tracking Project and re-visualized on my site.

  1. World — 5,589,626 cases (+94,565 today), 350,453 deaths (+4,221 today). The 14 day daily case average is pushing up. Since May 1, the average has moved from 78,839 to 94,893.

2. Countries per 100k — The US is 16th on Testing per 100k people, testing 4.5% of the population, below the Austria and ahead of Switzerland. The US has moved into 3rd in Cases per 100k people at 507, with a 11.28% positive rate, just below Singapore and ahead of Spain. And finally, the US is 9th in Deaths per 100k people at 29.88, with a 5.88% mortality rate, just below Ireland and ahead of Switzerland.

3. US — 1,680,839 cases (+18,611 today), 98,908 deaths (+693 today). We have tested 14,901,977 (+301,916 today). 14 day daily case average is down to 22,238 and declining, driven mostly by reductions in NY / NJ. New York is down 7,000 cases per day from their peak (from 9k to 1.8k daily).

4. US Cases by Day — This chart shows the daily cases by day of the week since 3/2, with each week having its own “wave”. The day of the week charts reflect the overall reduction in cases on a national level. Lots of places are still seeing case growth, and we still are nowhere near having this under control.

5. States per 10k — Texas is 44th on Testing, with 283 tests per 10k people. We are 41st in Cases per 10k at 19.74, with a 6.97% positive rate, behind Kentucky and ahead of Maine. Texas is 41st in Deaths per 10k people at 0.53, with a 2.7% mortality rate, behind South Dakota and ahead of Tennessee. I know it makes it a bit of an eye chart, but all states are on the chart so you can see the scale of where Texas lands.

6. Texas — 57,230 cases (+821 today), 1,546 deaths (+13 today), 821,233 tests. The 14 day daily case average has dipped slightly since 5/21, moving from 1,215 per day to 1,128. That is a positive glimmer, but not an excuse to quit paying attention. Yet now we open, we stop wearing masks, we stop social distancing, as though this is over. (We “suggest” those things. People choose to ignore.)

7. TX Cases by Day — This chart shows the daily cases in Texas by day of the week since 3/2, with each week having its own “wave”. Current week (heavy purple line) is right in the middle of the past few weeks, which just reflects the fact that the virus is still here and there are more people than ever to infect.

8. Texas Counties — Top 5 on cases are Harris (11,281), Dallas (9,188), Tarrant (4,977), Travis (2,933), and Bexar (2,449). 10 counties have over 1,000 cases, 54 counties have 100+ cases, 145 have 10+, and 229 have at least 1 case. 3 counties have lost 100+ Texans, 31 counties have lost 10+, 111 have lost at least 1. The map looks like a really bad case of the chicken pox because the virus doesn’t really care about labels like county lines. It’s just looking for hosts. It will go anywhere, anytime it gets a chance.

9. TX Counties per 1k — Top 5 on Cases per 1k residents are Moore (27.14), Potter (18.70), Titus (9.72), Panola (8.38), and Deaf Smith (8.37). The virus is all over the state, not just the big counties.

I’ll keep updating things daily on the site, even if I don’t post here daily. I believe people need to see the numbers at all levels to really understand things. Hopefully a few of you out there find this useful. Please feel free to grab screenshots from here or the actual dashboards and share them anywhere you can.

Thanks for reading all the way to the bottom.

Stay in if you can. Stay safe.

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