COVID-19 Trends 06/30/2020

  1. World — 10,475,838 cases, 511,253 deaths. Look at the trend line. It has done nothing but surge upward since the first of May, going from 77,183 cases per day on 05/01 to 173,196 case per day to close June. Deaths, which had declined through most of May, have started to tick back up during June.
  • US — 30.5% higher than the original peak (and climbing)
  • Italy — 95.6% reduction from peak
  • France — 93.0% reduction from peak
  • Germany — 92.8% reduction from peak
  • United Kingdom — 83.3% reduction from peak
  • South Korea — 92.8% reduction from peak



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Chris Tackett

Chris Tackett

I chart Texas Politics at and write about things that matter (to me at least) whenever the muse hits.