Deeper in the Pockets of Texas

26. Jay Adair
25. Tench Coxe
24. Simone Coxe
23. Tilman Fertitta
22. Kathaleen Wall
21. Alan Hassenflu
20. Michael Porter
19. Joe C. “Rusty” Walter
18. Trevor Rees-Jones
17. Reed Hastings
16. Ashley Watt
15. George Soros
14. Charles Butt
13. Kenny Troutt
12. Robert Rowling
11. John Nau
10. Jeffery Hildebrand
9. Miriam Adelson
8. Farris Wilks
7. Harlan Crow
6. Mayes Middleton
5. S. Javaid Anwar
4. H. Ross Perot
3. Richard “Dick” Weekley
2. Tim Dunn
  1. Jan Duncan, widow of billionaire Dan Duncan of Enterprise Products Partners LP, a pipeline and storage company. Duncan gave $6,313,175 to 5 Republicans and 1 PAC. $6 million was to Texans for Lawsuit Reform
1. Jan Duncan



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Chris Tackett

Chris Tackett

I chart Texas Politics at and write about things that matter (to me at least) whenever the muse hits.